Spring 2021 Mechatronics Senior Design Capstone  Virtual Presentations

The Department of Robotics and Mechatronics Engineering at Kennesaw State University would love for you to attend our Mechatronics Senior Design Capstone Virtual Presentations on Friday, April 30th. Your time is valuable, so please review the schedule below and see which amazing presentation(s) you would like to pop in for.

Friday, 4/30/21: 10:15 AM— 3:15 PM

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Start Time Team Name: Capstone Project

10:15 AM JEEA: A reduced-contact ramen assembly system for use in food courts, airports, and college campuses

10:45 AM Fly Zone: A drone-mounted combination sensor/gripper for moving boxes around a warehouse

11:15 AM GEODE: A small, off-road mobile robot for drilling geological samples

11:45 AM 15-Minute Break

12:00 PM Titans: An Internet of Things water-tank system allowing users to monitor and control fluid height remotely

12:30 PM ARIA: A drone-based mobile personal assistant

1:00 PM CAVE: Autonomous control of multiple vehicles through an intersection using an overhead camera

1:30 PM 15-Minute Break

1:45 PM Sass: A smart trash can with some attitude

2:15 PM [Redacted]: A mobile robot with different plug-and-play modules for tasks around the home

2:45 PM Armature Science: Improved safety for an industrial, pick-and-place application

Our seniors have been working hard this semester. Each of their projects showcase the three fundamental principles of mechatronics engineering: sense, think, and act! As the largest Mechatronics Engineering Program in the country, we have the opportunity to strengthen Georgia's future workforce and expand the pool of STEM-qualified employees. So if you are interested in learning more about any of the projects after viewing the presentations, please let us know, and we can have the students reach out to you directly.

Please forward the flyer to anyone you think would like to attend. Feel free to drop in for a minute, an hour, or stay all day to watch all of our wonderful students' presentations.

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