Mechatronics Engineering Minor

This program provides an opportunity for students outside the Department of Robotics and Mechatronics Engineering to learn robotics and mechatronics, which adds value to their education by obtaining skills that are directly and immediately relevant to employers. The proposed minor program provides an opportunity for Kennesaw State University students to systematically take robotics and mechatronics courses and enhance their background and abilities to find a job in the engineering field.


Required Courses (7 Credit Hours)

  • CSE 1321L - Programming and Problem Solving I Laboratory*
  • MTRE 2710 - Intermediate Programming for Mechatronics
  • MTRE 2710L - Intermediate Programming for Mechatronics Laboratory

* ME students will be granted a prerequisite override using ME 1311 instead of CSE 1321. Those ME students need to request the override

Control Systems Requirement (4 Credit Hours)

Choose from one of the following 4-credit selections:

  • MTRE 3610 - Modeling and Feedback Control of Dynamic Systems
  • MTRE 3610L - Feedback Control Laboratory


  • EE 4201 - Control Systems


  • ME 3501 - Dynamic Systems and Control Theory
  • ME 4501 - Vibrations and Controls Lab

Elective Courses (4 Credit Hours)

Any seven additional credits from 3000- or 4000-level MTRE courses.

Program Total: (15 Credit Hours)

Engineering standing is required for all courses except CSE 1321L and MTRE 2710/2710L.