The Southern Polytechnic College of Engineering and Engineering Technology (SPCEET) places a high regard for our research to advance our understanding in all aspects of engineering. With the ability to focus research with our many state-of-the-art labs and facilities, we are able to pinpoint important objectives to the college and Kennesaw State University.  Research is driven by the interest of individual faculty and the college conducts a wide range of research projects annually.

Research Centers

Faculty Research 

    • Amy Gruss

      Research Expertise and Interest

      Environmental engineering, Water quality, Water monitoring, and Municipality

    • Jayhyun Kwon

      Research Expertise and Interest

      Field stiffness, Quality control/quality assurance, Sensor, and Performance monitoring

    • Youngguk Seo

      Research Expertise and Interest

      Material characterization,  Performance model, Full-scale test, Renewable, Recycle, Pavement, and Road

    • Jidong Yang

      Research Expertise and Interest

      Intelligent transportation systems (ITE), Traffic operations, Highway safety, Sensing technologies, Machine learning, Deep learning, and Big Data analytics

    • Tien Mun Yee

      Research Expertise and Interest

      Computational fluid dynamics (CFD), Hydraulics, Turbulence, Numerical modeling, Vortex, and Water treatment plant

    • Sumit Chakravarty

      Research Expertise and Interest

      Hyperspectral, Computer vision, Bio-medical data analysis, Remote sensing, Wireless communication, Underwater acoustics communications, Communication networks, Machine learning, and Deep learning 

    • Bill Diong

      Research Expertise and Interest

      Solar power, Microgrids, Electric transportation, EV charging, Energy harvesting, Wind energy, and Fuel cells

    • Hoseon Lee

      Research Expertise and Interest

      Applied electromagnetics, Bioengineering, Microfluidics, Antennas, and Wireless energy harvesting

    • Cyril Okhio

      Research Expertise and Interest

      Industrial simulation & control, Control diagnostics and prognostics

    • Walter Thain

      Research Expertise and Interest

      Low-noise circuit design, RF, Frequency synthesizers, Energy harvesting, and Power supplies

    • Sathish Gurupatham

      Research Expertise and Interest

      Thermal images (IR images), Dpecific heat, Thermal conductivity, Thermal diffusivity, Microfluidics, Electrorheological fluids, and Energy auditing

    • Loraine Lowder

      Research Expertise and Interest

      Image processing, Computer-aided engineering, and Cardiovascular biomechanics

    • Mohammed Mayeed

      Research Expertise and Interest

      Multi-scale and multi-physics modeling, Engineering design optimization, Finite element analysis, Computational fluid dynamics, Lattice boltzmann method, and Computer aided engineering

    • Simin Nasseri

      Research Expertise and Interest

      Biomechanical engineering, Manufacturing engineering, Vibrational analysis, and Soft solid rheology/viscoelasticity

    • Jungkyu Park

      Research Expertise and Interest

      Carbon nanostructure, Tensile test, Material synthesis, Nanomaterial, graphene, Light weight, and Microfabrication

    • Richard Ruhala

      Research Expertise and Interest

      Noise measurements and control, tire/pavement road noise, room acoustics, environmental and community noise assessment, acoustics, vibrations measurements and analysis, medical devices, mechanics, engineering education

    • Muhammad Salman

      Research Expertise and Interest

      Shear wave velocity, Dynamic elastography, Stiffness, Achilles tendon, Noninvasive, and Tendinopathy

    • Valmiki Sooklal

      Research Expertise and Interest

      Laser, Tissue welding, Histology, Wound closure, Hyperspectral, Coliform bacteria, Water quality monitoring, Sustainable housing, Rammed earth, and Modular construction

    • Ayse Tekes

      Research Expertise and Interest

      Modeling and simulation, Design and analysis of compliant (flexible) mechanisms, Nonlinear control, Linearization, and MEMs design

    • Tristan Utschig

      Research Expertise and Interest

      Engineering education, Assessment, Learning skills, Professional skills, Faculty development, Fusion safety, and Thermal systems

    • David Guerra-Zubiaga

      Research Expertise and Interest

      Digital manufacturing tools, Advanced manufacturing automation and process control, Intelligent and reconfigurable manufacturing systems, Manufacturing tacit knowledge sharing integration and Interoperability

    • Matthew Marshall

      Research Expertise and Interest

      Visual servoing, Co-robotics, Deep learning, Embedded systems, and Factory automation

    • Ying Wang

      Research Expertise and Interest

      Autonomous robots, control systems, Machine learning, Deep learning, Computer vision, Visual servoing, and Vehicle platooning

    • Bill Bailey

      Research Expertise and Interest

      Organizational performance, Quality awards, Process improvement, Quality tools, and Management systems

    • Awatef Ergai

      Research Expertise and Interest

      Human factors engineering, User-centered design, Process improvement, Patient safety, Patient engagement, Informatics, and Interprofessional care

    • Robert S. Keyser

      Research Expertise and Interest

      Lean manufacturing, human factors, Reliability, Organizational behavior, Women, Minorities, Disabled students, veterans, STEM fields, sports analytics, Statistical analysis of manufacturing outcomes, and Mistake-proofing

    • Adeel Khalid

      Research Expertise and Interest

      Aircraft design, Rotorcraft, Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAS), and Education

    • Lin Li

      Research Expertise and Interest

      Operations research, Optimization, Decision analysis, Data analytics, Supply chain management, Revenue management, Operations management, and Inventory management

    • Christina Scherrer

      Research Expertise and Interest

      Economic decision analysis, Optimization, and statistical analysis for health outcomes

Funding Opportunities

For faculty members looking to obtain federal, national, local or state resources for research, view our list of funding opportunities and useful information.

For faculty members on the tenure track (i.e at or below the rank of Assistant Professor), view our list of funding opportunities.

Call for Proposals - Seed Funding for SPCEET Faculty

2018 Call for Proposals