The Engineering Outreach Committee was formed in 2015 just after the 'New KSU' was born. The primary objectives of the Engineering Outreach Committee are to coordinate, promote, help organize and/or host all outreach activities performed on Marietta campus across all Engineering and Engineering Technology disciplines. The committee is engaged to develop a robust campus wide cross-departmental infrastructure that can nurture current outreach programs as well as create an efficient system to foster and support future programs.

Missions of the outreach committee are:

  • To help develop highly skilled best-in-class workforce, thus producing graduating engineers with the highest competency, both academically and professionally via outreach activities.
  • To promote STEM education and career growth through community engagement.
  • To build Industry partnerships and collaboration.

Current action plans and high priority agendas of the Engineering Outreach Committee include various activities that pertain to recruiting, marketing, industry partnerships, events, and community services such as:

  • Stimulate industry outreach efforts engaging faculty and students by organizing seminars with invited guest speakers from the industry and arranging field trips, on-site visits to expose students to the best industrial practices and technological applications and create avenues for prospective career opportunities
  • Establish and promote the Southern Polytechnic Engineering and Engineering Technology programs of Kennesaw State in the state of Georgia, improving the overall quality of students and increase the number of student enrollments in the future.
  • Create a centralized platform to coordinate programs that are focused to educate, inspire, and motivate middle school and high school students (K-8, K-12) to pursue higher studies in the STEM field. The committee expects to impact over 4500 K-12 and Kennesaw State students annually by successful implementation of such programs.
  • Play a catalytic role to open new chapters of nationally and internationally renowned student outreach organizations and revive currently existing scholarly student organizations on campus.
  • Create a multidisciplinary team to seek external funding to pursue high impact outreach projects.