The April 2010 Macondo well disaster involving the offshore oil rig Deep Water Horizon inspired the development of new technologies. Kennesaw State University, in collaboration with inventors and professional engineers, developed solutions to the dangerous problems associated with loss of well control. The objectives were to protect the rig and personnel from blowout danger, contain and control oil spills due to BOP failure, and quickly regain well control. 

The extensive research efforts produced new blowout control technology named Rapid Engagement Blowout Emergency Capture and Control Apparatus or REBECCA, designed to work in the harsh sub-sea environment where deep and ultra-deepwater drilling take place.

Project REBECCA 

Action Sequence

REBECCA can be permanently fastened in place, giving rig operators the option of moving off site in the event of rough weather or other scenarios.

Guided Coupling Animation Video

REBECCA Team Leaders

  • Ruston Hunt, PhD. Coordinator
  • Kenton Fleming, PhD., PE, Inventor
  • James Baltimore, Inventor