Fluid Mechanics Lab

The engineering Fluid Mechanics Lab performs tests that prove the various fluid properties being studied in the lecture. This is taught by faculty from the Department of Civil and Construction Engineering and supports students from other departments as well. The equipment and space is used for Fluid Mechanics Lab (ENGR 3345) and Fluid Mechanics Principles and Applications (MET 3101). The Fluid Mechanics lab is located in the Engineering Technology Center, room Q-240 and in the Civil Engineering Technlogy Building, room  L-130. All experiments are performed in Q-240 - except for open channel flow, performed in L-130.

  • The Fluid Mechanics lab has the following equipment available:

    • EDIBON Centrifugal Fan Trainer 
    • AEROLAB: Wind Tunnel with Dell Computer 
    • EDIBON Fluid Friction in-Pipes with Dell Computer 
    • Computer Controlled Multipump Testing Bench 
    • EDIBON Hydrostatic Pressure Measurement 
    • EDIBON Pelton Turbine 
    • Viscometers 
    • EDIBON Hydraulic Bench with Impact Jet 
    • Open channel flow flume. 


  • The following test can be conducted in the Fluid Mechanics lab:

    • Viscosity 
    • Fluid Statics 
    • Pipe Friction 
    • Flow Split 
    • Impact of a Jet 
    • Pump Performance 
    • Open Channel Flow 
    • Fan Power and efficiency 

Engineering Technology Center, Building Q
Room Q-240

Civil Engineering Technlogy, Building L
Room L-130