Aerospace Engineering Minor

The Aerospace Engineering minor is designed to provide students with sufficient knowledge and skills to allow them to operate as a competent practitioner within the field of aerospace engineering. Students will develop not only technical know-how but also a practical and analytical approach to problem-solving that will allow them to address a range of aerospace engineering challenges.

This course gives an integrated knowledge of engineering that is currently appreciated by most engineering employers. Core modules will provide students with a thorough understanding of many of the most important and central subjects in aerospace engineering today, from computer modeling to engineering materials. There is considerable focus on gaining practical experience, and lectures by visiting practicing engineers will ensure you’ll become familiar with current methods and approaches within industry.

  • All engineering and engineering technology degree seeking students are eligible to apply for a minor in Aerospace Engineering. To earn a minor, a student needs to complete a minimum of five courses as listed in the curriculum below. The pre-requisite to start the program is Calculus II. Please contact Dr. Adeel Khalid if you have any other questions.

  • The focus of aerospace minor is to provide a comprehensive education to prepare graduates for productive careers with special emphasis on the needs of aviation, aerospace engineering, and related fields. The option will qualify students for entry level engineering jobs in the aeronautics / aviation / aerospace industry or related fields, for admission to graduate programs in aeronautics / aviation / aerospace engineering (or related fields), and for continued learning throughout their lives.



Required courses:

  • ENGR 3801 - Aerodynamics
  • ENGR 4803 - Aeronautics Senior Design Project


Choose three courses from the following:

  • ENGR 3802 - Aircraft Design & Performance
  • ENGR 3803 - Fundamentals of Avionics
  • ENGR 3804 - Introduction to Aerospace Structural Analysis
  • ENGR 4801 - Aircraft Propulsion
  • ENGR 4802 - Helicopter Theory

Program Total (15 Credit Hours)