• Mir Atiqullah

    Research Interests

    Design optimization, Genetic algorithm, Simulated annealing, High performance computing in optimization, Tabu search for optimization, Materials testing and Equipment design, Mechanical system design, Pedagogy of teaching and learning.

  • Eduardo Farfan

    Research Interest

    Primary research interests include: radiation detection simulation, testing, and development; radiation dose and risk assessment; environmental pathway analysis using dosimetry dispersion and dilution models; radiation shielding development; and Small Modular Reactors and Generation IV Reactors

  • Mahesh Gupta

    Research Interests

    Dr. Gupta’s research is focused on Modeling, Design and Optimization of polymer extrusion and Injection molding. Dr. Gupta has published more than 90 papers in the field of Polymer processing. 

    • Sathish K. Gurupatham

      Research Interests

      Research interests are Spontaneous dispersion of particles on liquid surfaces, Self-assembly of micro-nano particles, Electrorheological fluids.

      • Erhan Ilksoy

        Research Interests

        Research interests are Exhaust waste recovery, Computational fluid dynamics (CFD), Radiation heat transfer and Renewable energy.

      • Ali Khazaei

        Research Interests

        Research interests are Kinematics, Mathematical modeling, Nonlinear Dynamics, Uncertainty analysis and sensitivity analysis, Renewable energy methods, Energy efficiency assessment and Decision making tools.

      • Margaret Lowder

        Research Interests

        Research interests include Image processing, Computer-aided engineering, and Cardiovascular biomechanics.

      • Mohammed Mayeed

        Research Interests

        Primary research interests are Micro/Nano systems and Integration, and Multiphysics modeling in engineering design. The application areas of research include Renewable/Alternative energy, Manufacturing process modeling and Optimization, Miniature thermal systems etc.

      • Simin Nasseri

        Research Interests

        Primary research areas are Rheology and viscoelasticity, Micro-Machinery, CFD / Computational mechanics, High performance computing, Optical fiber technology, Biomechanical engineering, Robotics and Engineering education.

      • Jungkyu (Justin) Park

        Research Interests

        Primary research focuses on developing experimental techniques for Thermal conductivity measurement of nanostructures and molecular dynamics simulations.

        • Laura Ruhala

          Research Interests

          Research interests are Composite material characterization, Biomechanics and Engineering education.

          • Richard Ruhala

            Research Interests

            Research interests are Acoustics and Vibration.

          • Valmiki Sooklal

            Research Interests

            Research interests are Laser tissue welding, Sustainable housing and Engineering education.

          • Ayse Tekes

            Research Interests

            Research interests are Modeling and Control of compliant mechanisms.

            • Tristan Utschig

              Research Interests

              Modeling and Analysis of thermal systems for nuclear applications, particularly relating to safety aspects of fusion reactor designs. 

              • David Veazie

                Research Interests

                Primary research interests are on basic and applied research in the areas of Constitutive model development and Processing for advanced materials including high performance and ultra-lightweight polymers, Polymeric composites, and Metals. Current research topics include Experimental mechanics, MEMS structural analysis and Design, Fatigue life assessment and Prediction, Micromechanics and Long term durability.