Master's Program Requirements

The program consists of eight required courses and two electives.

Required Core Courses

  • ENGR 6120 - Applied Engineering Mathematics
  • ME 6210 - Advanced Manufacturing
  • ME 6220 - Advanced Solid Mechanics
  • ME 6230 - Advance Engineering Thermodynamics
  • ME 6240 - Applied Engineering Design
  • ME 6250 - Advanced Dynamics and Vibrations
  • ME 6260 - Advanced Engineering Heat Transfer
  • ME 6270 - Advance Fluid Mechanics and Computational Fluid Dynamics

Elective Courses

Any two 3-credit hour graduate-level courses as long as they are 6000 or above and approved by the ME graduate program coordinator.

The following courses are approved electives for the MSME program:

  • SYE 6010 - Project Management Processes
  • QA 6602 - Total Quality
  • SYE 6005 - Introduction to Systems Engineering
  • ME 6800 - Master’s Project

The MSME program has four elective courses. Therefore, it is best to take elective courses in the following order (especially for international students who are required to maintain full-time status):

  • Fall Semesters: SYE 6005 - Introduction to Systems Engineering (offered in fall only)
  • Spring Semesters: SYE 6010 - Project Management Processes (offered in fall and spring)
  • Summer Semesters: QA 6602 - Total Quality (offered in summer and fall)
  • ME 6800 Master’s Project is also offered, which can be taken as an elective (3-credit hours) for the MSME program. MSME students will need to contact a faculty member to sign off on supervising the project.

Program Total (30 Credit Hours)