Study Abroad - Chernobyl

KSU Education Abroad Program
Nuclear Studies at the Chernobyl Center
May 14 – 29, 2022

Kennesaw State University has partnered with the Chernobyl Center, Ukraine, to conduct an Education Abroad Program Nuclear Studies at the Chernobyl Center in Slavutych, Ukraine, in May 2022. As part of this program the course titled ME4490 Chernobyl-Past, Present and Future will be taught in the Chernobyl Center. This course provides an overview of major nuclear accidents including the Three Mile and Fukushima-Daichi disasters. Particular attention will be paid to the Chernobyl Accident. KSU faculty and Chernobyl Center scientists will conduct lectures in the Chernobyl Center classrooms and laboratories. Slavutych is a city in Ukraine, purposely built for the evacuated personnel of the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant after the 1986 disaster that occurred near the city of Pripyat. Slavutych is about 50 miles away from Pripyat and is outside the Chernobyl Exclusion. Faculty and students will visit Pripyat, the Chernobyl Sarcophagus Memorial, and the Monument to Those Who Saved the World. This monument was dedicated to the firefighters that died putting out the fire at the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant in 1986 after the catastrophic nuclear accident there. The monument is also dedicated to the Chernobyl liquidators that cleaned up after the accident. Students will also visit local high schools as part of the course community service. Faculty and students will visit Kiev, the capital of Ukraine, and Chernihiv. Radiation exposures are expected to be mainly due to naturally occurring background radiation.

Prerequisites: MATH 2202, Engineering Standing
Concurrent:    PHYS 2212/ PHYS 2212L

Program price is: $1,868

The student payment schedule is:

  • Application Deposit Due February 1, 2022: $300
  • First Installment Due March 1, 2022: $784
  • Second Installment Due March 15, 2022: $784

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Request Information

For more information, contact Dr. Eduardo B. Farfan.

Phone: 470-578-5155
Location: Q 149