Student Organizations and Events

Student chapters of nuclear organizations provide members with invaluable information, resources, and experiences. Meetings often times involve guest speakers who are industry professionals. They also give students the opportunity to work on projects both within the school and in industry. Student members have the chance to make connections and gain experience which will aid them in their pursuit of careers in the nuclear field.


Please see Kennesaw State University OwlLife and search for Kennesaw’s American Nuclear Society and/or Health Physics Society for more information regarding upcoming events.

Kennesaw Nuclear Society

Kennesaw State University’s Marietta campus is home to The Kennesaw Nuclear Society (KNS). KNS is a nationally recognized student chapter of the American Nuclear Society (ANS). ANS is an international organization comprised of approximately 11,000 individuals throughout the nuclear sciences and engineering fields. It promotes the education and awareness of nuclear technology and its applications. KNS meetings, held throughout the semester, offer guest speakers such as, industry professionals and professors of the nuclear sciences, and social events in the form of movie or dinner nights. The society is offering a possible visit to a nuclear power plant within the south east. The last two years of the society took tours of the Bellefonte power plant in AL (2013), and Sequoyah plant in TN (2015). The society strives to provide students with new insight into what the nuclear sciences are all about, and professional expertise to guide students for a successful career in the nuclear field. KNS is open to students of all majors and years.

For more information visit the KNS OwlLife page.

Health Physics Society

Kennesaw State University’s (KSU) Marietta Campus is also home to the student chapter of the Health Physics Society (HPS). HPS is an organization of nearly 5,000 professionals who specialize in radiation science and safety. The student chapter of the Health Physics Society at KSU is an organization focused on radiation safety and awareness, and is affiliated with the Atlanta Chapter who states, “The Health Physicists are dedicated to maximizing the beneficial use of radiation while minimizing the risk to people and the environment.”  The student chapter members are encouraged to attend and interact with the Atlanta Chapter at every meeting. If you are a current student and interested in joining, contact the Nuclear Engineering department to learn about waiving the $25 membership fee.

For more information visit the Kennesaw Nuclear Society OwlLife page.

Every semester KSU’s Center for Nuclear Studies and ANS/HPS student organizations work to schedule site tours and trips. This allows students to take the knowledge gained in class lectures and applies it to real world examples and experiences. These trips often put to scale the importance and magnitude of the concepts that are taught within the classroom. For more information, contact one of our faculty members or student officers to learn more.

Bellefonte Plant Tour

Bellefonte is a nuclear power plant in Northeast Alabama. It was approximately 90% complete before the Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA) decided to stop construction. Construction, to date, has not been resumed. The plant is an invaluable resource for education and allows students to go into areas of a nuclear power plant which they would not be allowed to enter in an active or decommissioned plant. On the tour, students will get to see major components of a Pressurized Water Reactor (PWR) including the steam generators, turbines, generator, feed water pumps, and cooling towers. The tour also takes students through major building and areas such as the control room, turbine building, containment building, and the switchyard.