Nuclear Engineering Program at KSU

The minor degree in Nuclear Engineering at KSU is designed to respond to the critical needs of the nuclear industry for technical workforce. The program is also structured to expand and enhance the options and opportunities for our students. 

A minor in nuclear engineering not only benefits those looking for a career in the nuclear industry, but also provides a competitive edge for those who pursue opportunities outside the nuclear industry. Employers typically recognize the critical mission of the nuclear industry and value the discipline that accompanies this particular branch of engineering. Our nuclear program graduates are recognized not only for a degree in mechanical, electrical, systems, mechatronics, or civil engineering as their program major, but also for their rigor, smarts and dedication in complementing their normal course of study with a minor in nuclear engineering.  For those graduates who pursue careers in the nuclear industry, they deliver the education and training of two engineering disciplines. For those who seek employment outside the nuclear industry, a minor in nuclear engineering allows them to punch above their major degree’s weight and standout among their peers.

Our graduates with a minor in nuclear engineering have started rewarding careers in the fields of nuclear power generation, R&D at national labs, medical imaging and nuclear medicine, architectural engineering, consulting, and training among others.  For those who chose to pursue non-nuclear careers, most have received outstanding opportunities partly due to the additional value of their “two-in-one” educational package. Employers are also interested in extending our students exceptional internships and co-ops opportunities both inside and outside of the nuclear industry. Read on and learn more about how a minor degree in nuclear engineering can serve as a major power booster for your engineering degree.