Instructional Labs - EET

Analog Labs I and II

The two Analog Labs is equipped with NI Elvis II modules, simulation software such as NI LabVIEW, OrCAD PSpice, NI Electronics Workbench, MATLAB and PTC Mathcad.

Control Systems Lab

The two Control Systems Lab is equipped with simulation software such as Matlab and Simulink, as well as specialized laboratory equipment specific to instruction on control systems are available.

Digital Sequence Labs I, II, and III

The three Digital Sequence Labs is equipped with Digital Oscilloscopes, Logic Analyzers, and Soldering Stations with fume hoods for circuit construction.

Electric Machinery Labs

The Electric Machinery Labs are each equipped with LabVolt workstations with various plug in units.

Electromagnetics Lab

The Electromagnetics Lab is equipped for instruction in Microwave theory and Applications, High Frequency Systems, and RF Electronics.

Electronics Assembly Lab

The Electronics Assembly Lab mainly used for supplementing instruction in the Circuits, and Electronics curricula.

Electronics Labs I and II

The two Electronics Labs are composed of eight stations each with industry standard test and measurement bench equipment: Power Supplies, Signal Generators, Multi-meters, Oscilloscopes and a Desktop Computer.

Power Electronics Lab

The Power Electronics Lab is used for Power Electronic Circuit Design, Analysis, and Simulation.