Mechanical Engineering Technology

Why Study Mechanical Engineering Technology?

A degree in Mechanical Engineering Technology (MET) allows students the opportunity to explore engineering in a hands-on approach.

MET is the component of engineering that specializes in design and application. Mixing theory and practical application, MET prepares graduates well for their career. Students are typically strong in theory and practice and are in high demand in the industry.

Kennesaw State University (KSU) provides a high level of instruction and cutting-edge facilities such as 3-D printing, machining, welding, materials, and graphics labs that produce experts in the field of Mechanical Engineering Technology. Graduates are consistently awarded high marks for the relevance and quality of the academic program at KSU. Mechanical Engineering Technology majors work in many industries and their work varies by industry and function. Some specialize in automotive design, manufacturing, medical devices, heavy equipment, and automation.

One of the distinguishing factors of engineering at KSU is that faculty have significant industrial experience. Professors are able to bring that experience into the classroom ensuring that students gain relevant knowledge related to current and future industry needs.

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