Learning Goals

The vision of this summer study abroad program is to offer KSU engineering students the opportunity to study KSU engineering courses required in their program - with KSU engineering faculty. This model removes the language and curricular barriers often preventing engineering students from pursuing study abroad programs. The required program courses EE 2301 and ENGR 2214 will be taught identically from the existing university catalog with the same technical learning outcomes as their native KSU counterparts. Rather than deliver global engagement content explicitly in the courses, students instead gain experience of living in a foreign country for a full eight weeks.

Students in Italy
Restaurant in Italy

This lengthy period offers students a real opportunity to integrate into the local community and live the European lifestyle rather than simply visit it. Charles Duvall is eager to offer encouragement and support as students build their own global experience. Through weekly evening meals together, multiple day trips, and of course daily interactions through coursework he intends to engage students to understand how living in a different culture helps them grow - by identifying what is fundamentally important for them in their lives and how that can differ from others.