Faculty and Staff

  • Dr. Benjamin Klein

    Dr. Benjamin Klein

    Department Chair of Electrical and Computer Engineering and Professor of Electrical Engineering.

    Phone: (470) 578-7439
    Location: Q-256

    Faculty Web Page

    • Sumit Chakravarty

      Sumit Chakravarty Associate Professor and Graduate Program Coordinator

      Associate Professor and Graduate Program Coordinator

      Phone: (470) 578-5141
      Email: schakra2@kennesaw.edu
      Location: Q 346

      Faculty Web Page
    • Yusun Chang

      Yusun Chang Assistant Chair of the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering and Associate Professor

      Assistant Chair of the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering and Associate Professor

      Phone: (470) 578-5130
      Email: ychang7@kennesaw.edu
      Location: Q 349

      Faculty Web Page
    • Vanya Cherneva

      Vanya Cherneva Adjunct Professor

      Adjunct Professor

      Phone: (470) 578-7246
      Email: vchernev@kennesaw.edu
      Location: Q 340

    • Craig Chin

      Craig Chin Associate Professor

      Craig ChinPosition:
      Associate Professor

      Phone: (470) 578-7272
      Email: cchin2@kennesaw.edu
      Location: Q 344

      Faculty Web Page
    • Lance Crimm

      Lance Crimm Professor

      Lance CrimmPosition:

      Phone: (470) 578-7249
      Email: lcrimm@kennesaw.edu
      Location: Q 337B

      Faculty Web Page
    • Sandip Das

      Sandip Das Associate Professor

      Associate Professor

      Phone: (470) 578-5140
      Email: sdas2@kennesaw.edu
      Location: Q 345

      Faculty Web Page
    • Bill Diong

      Bill Diong Professor

      Bill DiongPosition:

      Phone: (470) 578-5574
      Email: bdiong@kennesaw.edu
      Location: Q 351

      Faculty Web Page
    • Charles Duvall

      Charles Duvall Lecturer

      Charles DuvallPosition:

      Phone: (470) 578-6806
      Email: cduvall4@kennesaw.edu
      Location: Q 337E

    • Thomas Fallon

      Thomas Fallon Professor


      Phone: (470) 578-7431
      Email: tfallon@kennesaw.edu
      Location: Q 249

      Faculty Web Page
    • Ian Ferguson

      Ian Ferguson Dean and Professor

      Ian Ferguson, Ph.DPosition:
      Dean and Professor

      Phone: (470) 578-3883
      Email: ifergus3@kennesaw.edu
      Location: Q 328

    • Sheila Hill

      Sheila Hill Lecturer

      Sheila HillPosition:

      Phone: (470) 578-2408
      Email: sdoneho1@kennesaw.edu
      Location: Q 337C

      Faculty Web Page
    • Hai Ho

      Hai Ho Associate Professor

      Hai Ho Associate ProfessorPosition:
      Associate Professor

      Phone: (470) 578-7308
      Email: hho3@kennesaw.edu
      Location: Q 253

      Faculty Web Page
    • Brent Jenkins

      Brent Jenkins Associate Professor

      Brent JenkinsPosition:
      Associate Professor

      Phone: (470) 578-7433
      Email: bjenki42@kennesaw.edu
      Location: Q 337A

      Faculty Web Page
    • Billy Kihei

      Billy Kihei Assistant Professor

      Billy KiehiPosition:
      Assistant Professor

      Phone: (470) 578-6657
      Email: bkihei@kennesaw.edu
      Location: Q 252

      Faculty Web Page
    • Hoseon Lee

      Hoseon Lee Associate Professor

      Hoseon LeePosition:
      Associate Professor

      Phone: (470) 578-5133
      Email: hlee69@kennesaw.edu
      Location: Q 343

      Faculty Web Page
    • Fangyu Li

      Fangyu Li Assistant Professor

      Fangyu LiPosition:
      Assistant Professor

      Phone: (470) 578-7460
      Email: fli6@kennesaw.edu
      Location: Q 342

      Faculty Web Page
    • Yousef Mahmoud

      Yousef Mahmoud Assistant Professor

      Yousef MahmoudPosition:
      Assistant Professor

      Phone: (470) 578-7381
      Email: ymahmoud@kennesaw.edu
      Location: Q 340

      Faculty Web Page
    • Lynne Murray

      Lynne Murray Academic Advisor Students with last names A–H

      Academic Advisor Students with last names A–H

      Phone: (470) 578-5107
      Email: lmurra25@kennesaw.edu
      Location: Q 145

    • Qing Qing Norris

      Qing Qing Norris Office Manager

      Office Manager

      Phone: (470) 578-7247
      Email: qnorris@kennesaw.edu
      Location: Q 255

    • Cyril Okhio

      Cyril Okhio Assistant Professor

      Cyril OkhioPosition:
      Assistant Professor

      Phone: (470) 578-7249
      Email: cokhio@kennesaw.edu
      Location: G 161

    • Coskun Tekes

      Coskun Tekes Assistant Professor

      Coskun TekesPosition:
      Assistant Professor

      Phone: (470) 578-7432
      Email: ctekes@kennesaw.edu
      Location: Q 250

    • Walter Thain

      Walter Thain Associate Professor

      Walt ThainPosition:
      Associate Professor

      Phone: (470) 578-7436
      Email: wthain@kennesaw.edu
      Location: Q 347

      Faculty Web Page
    • Scott Tippens

      Scott Tippens Professor


      Phone: (470) 578-7278
      Email: stippen1@kennesaw.edu
      Location: Q 253

      Faculty Web Page