Faculty and Staff

  • Ben Klein

    Dr. Benjamin Klein

    Department Chair of Electrical and Computer Engineering and Professor of Electrical Engineering.

    Phone: (470) 578-7439
    Location: Q-256

    Faculty Web Page

    • Sylvia Bhattacharya

      Sylvia Bhattacharya Assistant Professor of Engineering Technology

      Assistant Professor of Engineering Technology

      Phone: (470) 578-7311
      Email: sbhatta6@kennesaw.edu
      Location: Q 226

      Faculty Website

      Collaboration Area: Autonomous Transportation, Neural Signal Processing

    • Sumit Chakravarty

      Sumit Chakravarty Associate Professor and Graduate Program Coordinator

      Sumit ChakravartyPosition:
      Associate Professor and Graduate Program Coordinator

      Phone: (470) 578-5141
      Email: schakra2@kennesaw.edu
      Location: Q 346

      Faculty Web Page
    • Yusun Chang

      Yusun Chang Professor of Electrical Engineering and Chair of Robotics and Mechatronics Engineering

      Professor of Electrical Engineering and Chair of Robotics and Mechatronics Engineering

      Phone: (470) 578-5130
      Email: ychang7@kennesaw.edu
      Location: Q 322

      Faculty Website

      Collaboration Area: Vehicular Networking

    • Craig Chin

      Craig Chin Associate Professor

      Craig ChinPosition:
      Associate Professor

      Phone: (470) 578-7272
      Email: cchin2@kennesaw.edu
      Location: Q 344

      Faculty Web Page
    • Lance Crimm

      Lance Crimm Professor

      Lance CrimmPosition:

      Phone: (470) 578-7249
      Email: lcrimm@kennesaw.edu
      Location: Q 249

      Faculty Web Page
    • Sandip Das

      Sandip Das Associate Professor

      Sandip DasPosition:
      Associate Professor

      Phone: (470) 578-5140
      Email: sdas2@kennesaw.edu
      Location: Q 345

      Faculty Web Page
    • Chetan Dhital

      Chetan Dhital Associate Professor of Physics

      Associate Professor of Physics

      Phone: (470) 578-4209
      Email: cdhital@kennesaw.edu
      Location: H 260F

      Faculty Website

      Collaboration Area: Magnetic Properties of Materials

    • Bill Diong

      Bill Diong Professor

      Bill DiongPosition:

      Phone: (470) 578-5574
      Email: bdiong@kennesaw.edu
      Location: Q 333

      Faculty Web Page
    • Charles Duvall

      Charles Duvall Senior Lecturer

      Charles DuvallPosition:
      Senior Lecturer

      Phone: (470) 578-6806
      Email: cduvall4@kennesaw.edu
      Location: Q 337E

    • Thomas Fallon

      Thomas Fallon Professor Emeritus

      Professor Emeritus

      Phone: (470) 578-5151
      Email: tfallon@kennesaw.edu
      Location: Q 128

      Faculty Web Page
    • Yan Fang

      Yan Fang Assistant Professor

      Yan FangPosition:
      Assistant Professor

      Phone: (470) 578-7460
      Email: yfang9@kennesaw.edu
      Location: Q 142

      Faculty Web Page
    • Ian Ferguson

      Ian Ferguson Dean and Professor

      Ian Ferguson, Ph.DPosition:
      Dean and Professor

      Phone: (470) 578-3883
      Email: ifergus3@kennesaw.edu
      Location: Q 328

    • Kombete Fumey

      Kombete Fumey Lab Technician

      Lab Technician

      Phone: (470) 578-3873
      Email: kfumey@kennesaw.edu
      Location: Q 244

    • Sheila Hill

      Sheila Hill Senior Lecturer

      Sheila HillPosition:
      Senior Lecturer

      Phone: (470) 578-2408
      Email: sdoneho1@kennesaw.edu
      Location: Q 337C

      Faculty Web Page
    • Hai Ho

      Hai Ho Associate Professor

      Hai Ho Associate ProfessorPosition:
      Associate Professor

      Phone: (470) 578-7308
      Email: hho3@kennesaw.edu
      Location: Q 227

      Faculty Web Page
    • Brent Jenkins

      Brent Jenkins Associate Professor

      Brent JenkinsPosition:
      Associate Professor

      Phone: (470) 578-7433
      Email: bjenki42@kennesaw.edu
      Location: Q 337A

      Faculty Web Page
    • Beibei Jiang

      Beibei Jiang Assistant Professor

      Beibei JiangPosition:
      Assistant Professor

      Phone: (470) 578-7246
      Email: bjiang1@kennesaw.edu
      Location: Q 143

      Faculty Website
    • Billy Kihei

      Billy Kihei Assistant Professor

      Billy KiehiPosition:
      Assistant Professor

      Phone: (470) 578-6657
      Email: bkihei@kennesaw.edu
      Location: Q 252

      Faculty Web Page
    • Paul Lee

      Paul Lee Assistant Professor

      Seung LeePosition:
      Assistant Professor

      Phone: (470) 578-7573
      Email: slee274@kennesaw.edu
      Location: Q 349

      Faculty Web Page
    • Hoseon Lee

      Hoseon Lee Associate Professor

      Hoseon LeePosition:
      Associate Professor

      Phone: (470) 578-5133
      Email: hlee69@kennesaw.edu
      Location: Q 343

      Faculty Web Page
    • Yousef Mahmoud

      Yousef Mahmoud Associate Professor

      Yousef MahmoudPosition:
      Associate Professor

      Phone: (470) 578-7381
      Email: ymahmoud@kennesaw.edu
      Location: Q 342

      Faculty Web Page
    • Lynne Murray

      Lynne Murray Academic Advisor

      Academic Advisor

      Phone: (470) 578-5107
      Email: lmurra25@kennesaw.edu
      Location: Q 145

    • Cyril Okhio

      Cyril Okhio Assistant Professor

      Cyril OkhioPosition:
      Assistant Professor

      Phone: (470) 578-5063
      Email: cokhio@kennesaw.edu
      Location: G 219

      Faculty Web Page
    • Coskun Tekes

      Coskun Tekes Assistant Professor

      Coskun TekesPosition:
      Assistant Professor

      Phone: (470) 578-7432
      Email: ctekes@kennesaw.edu
      Location: Q 250

    • Walter Thain

      Walter Thain Associate Professor

      Walt ThainPosition:
      Associate Professor

      Phone: (470) 578-7436
      Email: wthain@kennesaw.edu
      Location: Q 347

      Faculty Web Page
    • Scott Tippens

      Scott Tippens Professor and Assistant Chair

      Scott TippenPosition:
      Professor and Assistant Chair

      Phone: (470) 578-7278
      Email: stippen1@kennesaw.edu
      Location: Q 251

      Faculty Web Page
    • Laura-Anne Ullian

      Laura-Anne Ullian Office Manager

      Office Manager

      Phone: (470) 578-7246
      Email: lullian@kennesaw.edu
      Location: Q 255

    • Maria Valero de Clemente

      Maria Valero de Clemente Assistant Professor of Information Technology

      Assistant Professor of Information Technology

      Phone: (470) 578-4552
      Email: mvalero2@kennesaw.edu
      Location: J 312

      Faculty Website

      Collaboration Area: Internet of Things for Healthcare, Biomedical Sensing

    • Jeffrey Yiin

      Jeffrey Yiin Clinical Professor

      Jeffrey YiinPosition:
      Clinical Professor

      Phone: (470) 578-7246
      Email: jyiin@kennesaw.edu
      Location: G 221

    • Jian Zhang

      Jian Zhang Assistant Professor

      Jian ZhangPosition:
      Assistant Professor

      Phone: (470) 578-7431
      Email: jzhang51@kennesaw.edu
      Location: R2 221

      Faculty Web Page