Quality Assurance Masters Degree

This degree is being discontinued. Beginning in fall 2021, there will be a quality management track in the MS Engineering Management program.

The MS in Quality Assurance (MSQA) is a fully online degree that uncovers quality topics in depth, stressing theory and the assumptions behind the techniques. Graduates know the details behind techniques, allowing them to know what to do when assumptions are violated and helping them to evaluate the relative merits of "new" quality tools.

Online courses provide an interactive learning environment with faculty and peers through live sessions, discussion boards and other means. In addition, students will be asked to post to the topic areas on the class discussion boards. Course materials posted for each week include industry articles, applets to explore, voiceover presentations, videos, podcasts, typed notes and text readings. Homework and projects are sometimes assigned as group projects, giving you an opportunity to work together with professionals from around the world. Other times, you are expected to complete assignments individually and turn them in via the Assignment tool. The exact mix of methods may vary, depending on the nature and the content of the course.