Industrial and Systems Engineering Overview

The Industrial and Systems Engineering department provides curricula in systems engineering, quality assurance, apparel textile technology, and industrial engineering technology. Degrees offered by the Industrial and Systems Engineering department prepare graduates for careers in quality, supply chain logistics, project management, facilities planning, production planning, process analysis, fashion design, simulation modeling, systems design, and operations management. Degrees offered are M.S. Quality Assurance, M.S. Systems Engineering, M.S. Engineering Management, B.S. Industrial & Systems Engineering, B.S. Industrial Engineering Technology, B.A.S. Supply Chain Logistics, and B.A.S. Manufacturing Operations.


The Industrial and Systems Engineering Department of Kennesaw State University has a mission to provide undergraduate and graduate education in industrial engineering technology, industrial & systems engineering, manufacturing operations, supply chain logistics, quality assurance, systems engineering, engineering management and related fields to serve the manufacturing and service industries. These programs prepare graduates for careers that are concerned with the design, implementation, evaluation and improvement of integrated systems of people, machines, energy, information and logistics. Graduates are well prepared to lead the scientific and economic development of an increasingly complex world while preparing them for lifelong learning. Additionally, graduates have an appreciation for the impact that various political and social issues can have on their organizations. Our mission is to serve both traditional and non-traditional students at the undergraduate and graduate levels and to empower them with the ability and vision to transform the future.