Industrial Engineering Technology Minor

To be eligible for a Minor in Industrial Engineering Technology (IET), the student must have a major (not IET or ISYE) and complete the following courses. This minor program offers courses online or hybrid. Online participants can attend class "virtually", meaning the student can attend class at a designated time/day through the Internet. Optionally, students can choose not to attend virtually and catch up through video lectures, recorded archives, and/or discussion groups.



Required courses:

  • IET 2227 - Introduction to Statistics
  • IET 2305 - The Role of Industrial Engineering Technology in Industrial Systems
  • IET 3356 - Quality Concepts and Systems Design

Choose two courses from the list below:

  • IET 2449 - Logistics and Supply Chain Management
  • IET 3322 - Work Measurement and Ergonomics
  • IET 3339 - Statistical Quality Control
  • IET 3403 - Advanced Statistics with Application
  • IET 3407 - Six Sigma and Lean Manufacturing
  • IET 3410 - Principles of Team Dynamics
  • IET 3424 - Engineering Economy
  • IET 3511 - Sustainability Engineering
  • IET 4405 - Operations Research - Concepts, Models and Methods
  • IET 4422 - Facilities Design, Plant Layout, and Materials Handling

Program Total (16-18 Credit Hours)

Notes: An overall 2.0 GPA is required in the courses for the IET Minor (excluding the international studies minor courses).