Industrial Engineering Technology Minor

To be eligible for a Minor in Industrial Engineering Technology (IET), the student must have a major (not IET), complete the following courses. This minor program offers courses online or hybrid. Online participants can attend class "virtually", meaning the student can attend class at a designated time/day through the Internet. Optionally, students can choose not to attend virtually and catch up through video lectures, recorded archives, and/or discussion groups.



Required courses:

  • IET 2227 - Introduction to Statistics
  • IET 2305 - The Role of Industrial Engineering Technology in Industrial Systems
  • IET 3356 - Quality Concepts and Systems Design

Choose two courses from the list below:

  • IET 2449 - Logistics and Supply Chain Management
  • IET 3322 - Work Measurement and Ergonomics
  • IET 3339 - Statistical Quality Control
  • IET 3403 - Advanced Statistics with Application
  • IET 3407 - Six Sigma and Lean Manufacturing
  • IET 3410 - Principles of Team Dynamics
  • IET 3424 - Engineering Economy
  • IET 3511 - Sustainability Engineering
  • IET 4405 - Operations Research - Concepts, Models and Methods
  • IET 4422 - Facilities Design, Plant Layout, and Materials Handling

Program Total (16-18 Credit Hours)

Notes: An overall 2.0 GPA is required in the courses for the IET Minor (excluding the international studies minor courses).