Six Sigma Green Belt Certificate

Industrial engineers and other professionals are often asked to champion organizational efforts to improve performance in some area. These activities are referred to as Process Improvement or Continuous Improvement initiatives and are the focus of Six Sigma methodology. It is not unusual for management in any organization to want to improve performance even if Six Sigma is not a formal program within the company. A Green Belt is a professional level of recognition for individuals trained in Six Sigma. This certificate is based on the American Society for Quality (ASQ) Six Sigma Green Belt body of knowledge. The courses in the certificate provide education in quality system principles, methodology and standards.

Student outcomes:

  • Demonstrate a knowledge of statistics for quality control 
  • Effectively demonstrate quality concepts and ideas 
  • Work successfully in team environments 
  • Identify and manage quality projects 


Statistics Requirement (3 Credit Hours)

  • ENGR 3305:Data Collection and Analysis in Engineering
  • ISYE 3600:Probability and Statistics II
  • IET 3403:Advanced Statistics with Application
  • STAT 2332:Probability and Data Analysis
  • STAT 3120:Statistical Methods I

Statistical Quality Control Requirement (3 Credit Hours)

  • IET 3339:Statistical Quality Control
  • ISYE 3125:Statistical Quality Control

Strategic Quality Concepts Requirement (3 Credit Hours)

  • IET 3356:Quality Concepts and Systems Design
  • ISYE 3150:Design & Improvement of Quality Processes

Problem Solving and Lean Principles Requirement (3 Credit Hours)

  • IET 3407:Six Sigma and Lean Manufacturing
  • ISYE 3407:Six Sigma and Lean Manufacturing

Program Total (12 Credit Hours)