Manufacturing Operations Bachelors Degree

Please Note: No new students will be admitted into this Academic Program. Students enrolled in this program will have until Summer 2024 to complete their degree requirements.

The Bachelor of Applied Science in Manufacturing Operations (BASMO) has been exclusively designed for students who have completed an AAS (Associate of Applied Science) degree from a Technical College System of Georgia or any regionally accredited 2-year technical college.

Our industrial engineering technology degree, which is also available fully online and has an optional concentration in logistics, is open to all students and is not being deactivated.

Example of Associate of Applied Science majors include:

  • Manufacturing Engineering Tech
  • Industrial Engineering Tech
  • Engineering Tech
  • Management/Supervisory
  • Marketing Management
  • Business Logistics Management
  • Industrial Systems Tech
  • Machine Tool Tech
  • Logistics/Supply Chain Management
  • Industrial Maintenance
  • Procurement
  • Business Management
  • Drafting Tech
  • Electronics Engineering Tech
  • Supply Chain Management

This degree prepares students with upper level study in the areas of project management, statistics, six sigma quality, lean manufacturing, facilities layout, operations management, safety and ethics, behavior science through an industry-driven curriculum encompassing manufacturing processes, quality principles, engineering economy, human resources, and simulation.

All required major courses to complete the BASMO degree are offered totally online or on-campus by KSU faculty. All general education requirements are either offered online by KSU or through eCore.



General Education (42 Credit Hours)

See listing of requirements in the KSU Catalog.

    • Area D-2 - 1 non-lab science is allowed
    • STAT 1401 - Elementary Statistics

Lower Division Major Requirements

    • Technical Block - Up to 18 Credit Hours

Upper Division Major Requirements

    • IET 2305 - The Role of Industrial Engineering Technology in Industrial Systems
    • IET 3322 - Work Measurement and Ergonomics
    • IET 3339 - Statistical Quality Control
    • IET 3356 - Quality Concepts and Systems Design
    • IET 3424 - Engineering Economy
    • IET 4115 - Human Resources Management for Engineers
    • IET 4135 - IET Project Management
    • IET 4151 - Operations Management for Engineers
    • IET 4405 - Operations Research - Concepts, Models and Methods
    • IET 4422 - Facilities Design, Plant Layout, and Materials Handling
    • IET 4810 - Ethics and Safety
    • Technical Block - 17 Credit Hours from Student's A.A.S. Degree

Upper-Level Electives 

  • Choose any three courses:

    • IET 3403 - Advanced Statistics with Application
    • IET 3407 - Six Sigma and Lean Manufacturing
    • IET 3410 - Principles of Team Dynamics
    • IET 3511 - Sustainability Engineering
    • IET 3620 - Warehousing Systems
    • IET 4451 - Systems Simulation
    • MGT 3100 - Management and Behavioral Sciences

Program Total (120 Credit Hours)