Haiti Field Trip 2015

The trip to Haiti was considered to be a part of the research and development activities of the Rubble-House Research Project since 2011. The purpose of the trip is three-fold:

  • to make performance assessment of rubble-houses completed since 2010 (there are more than 200 as of now)
  • to conduct a survey to identify the housing needs of the local people and the availability of construction materials in the local market.
  • to identify possible additional sustainable engineering solutions for Haitians who live in economically disadvantaged regions.

The findings will be used to set future research directions to improve the structural performance of rubble-houses, and identify new construction techniques.

The trip was a joint effort of Kennesaw State University, and Conscience International, Inc.

 The members of the visiting team were:

  • Dr. Fatih Oncul, Associate Professor, Civil and Construction Engineering
  • Gregory Payne, Civil Engineering student
  • Jeremy Holloman, Program Dir.- Latin America/Caribbean, Conscience Int’l
  • Jacob T. David, Alumnus and Engineering Consultant