MakerSpace Protocol

Mandatory Preliminary Steps

  1. Your professor is required to sign off on your project prior to using the MakerSpace. Staff projects must be signed off by the Assistant Dean of Operations (Dr. Cameron Coates, located in Q 333A). The project approval form is located HERE
  2. Present your signed project approval form to the MakerSpace Student Assistant (SA) 
  3. Set an appointment with the SA for training on the equipment/tooling use relevant to your project as well as a general safety training  
  4. Complete the safety training check sheet and equipment training check sheet(s) 

MakerSpace Directives

  • Sign in and out each time you use the MakerSpace 
  • Clean up after each use 
  • Notify the SA immediately if any tooling is broken or malfunctioning 
  • Do not bring your own tools into the MakerSpace without approval from the Engineering Lab Manager (Michael Rogers, located in Q 334A) 

Disclaimer: The MakerSpace contains a camera that records activities in the room. By using the MakerSpace you consent to be recorded.