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Complete all sections of the form and submit it. If any section is left blank, the request will not be processed.

Prerequisite Overrides: These are intended for students who have documented completion of the required prerequisites or ES, but the computer system does not reflect the credit. This includes transfer students who took the courses elsewhere or received substitution credit. It is NOT intended to bypass any requirements, including prerequisites and Engineering Standing. You must meet the minimum ES GPA and complete all prerequisites with grades of "C" or better. You may not take a course in the same semester as its prerequisites. Also note that corequisites must be taken together.

NOTE: It can take up to forty-eight (48) hours for a response to an override petition during peak registration times. You will receive a reply email from "acook71@kennesaw.edu" alerting you whether your request has been granted or denied.

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Program of Study: Computer Engineering

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PLEASE NOTE: We do NOT bypass prerequisites or allow you to take them at the same time as any course for which they are prerequisites.

PLEASE NOTE: If a course is currently full, we are at maximum capacity. Please continue checking the registration system to see if a seat opens.