The Southern Polytechnic College of Engineering and Engineering Technology CLUE (Collaborative Learning for Undergraduate Engineering) Center provides peer-based academic support for a selection of engineering and engineering technology courses. Tutoring is offered Monday through Saturday, both face-to-face and online. Face-to-face tutoring is in room 306 of the Engineering Technology Center (Building Q) on a drop-in basis and online is by appointment. Instructions for using EAB to request an appointment for online tutoring are on the appointments page. Tutoring for a given subject is available according to a weekly schedule, based on the tutors' availability. During those hours, students are welcome to receive tutoring from a peer who has already earned either an A or a B in the course. The schedule page provides instructions for using EAB to check the tutoring schedule.


Engineering Technology Center

Engineering Technology Center, Building Q
Room# Q-306


Book and pencils

Check the Schedule page for instructions on viewing the tutoring schedule.