Faculty and Staff

  • Sam Beadles

    Sam Beadles, P.E.

    Chair of the Department of Civil and Construction Engineering and Professor of Civil Engineering

    Phone: (470) 578-7294
    Email: sbeadle3@kennesaw.edu
    Location: L 102

    • Daniel Branham

      Daniel Branham Lecturer

      Dan BranhamPosition:

      Phone: (470) 578-5494
      Email: dbranha2@kennesaw.edu
      Location: L 154

    • Shirnett Campbell

      Shirnett Campbell Administrative Associate II

      Administrative Associate II

      Phone: (470) 578-5076
      Email: scampb60@kennesaw.edu
      Location: L 101

    • Amy Gruss

      Amy Gruss Assistant Professor

      Amy GrussPosition:
      Assistant Professor

      Phone: (470) 578-7262
      Email: agruss@kennesaw.edu
      Location: L 158

    • M. Jonaidi

      M. Jonaidi Assistant Professor

      Mohammad JonaidiPosition:
      Assistant Professor

      Phone: (470) 578-6831
      Email: mjonaidi@kennesaw.edu
      Location: M 116

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    • M. A. Karim

      M. A. Karim Associate Professor and Assistant Department Chair

      M KarimPosition:
      Associate Professor and Assistant Department Chair

      Phone: (470) 578-5078
      Email: mkarim4@kennesaw.edu
      Location: L 114

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    • Daniel Kuemmerle

      Daniel Kuemmerle Lecturer

      Daniel KuemmerlePosition:

      Phone: (470) 578-5079
      Email: dkuemmer@kennesaw.edu
      Location: L 115

      Faculty Web Page
    • Jayhyun Kwon

      Jayhyun Kwon Assistant Professor

      Jayhyun KwonPosition:
      Assistant Professor

      Phone: (470) 578-5080
      Email: jkwon9@kennesaw.edu
      Location: L 112

    • Mary Lemberg

      Mary Lemberg Lecturer

      Mary LembergPosition:

      Phone: (470) 578-5081
      Email: mlemberg@kennesaw.edu
      Location: M 162C

    • Mehrdad Mesbahi

      Mehrdad Mesbahi Associate Professor

      Associate Professor

      Phone: (470) 578-5082
      Email: mmesbahi@kennesaw.edu
      Location: L 150

    • Metin Oguzmert

      Metin Oguzmert Associate Professor and Graduate Program Coordinator

      Metin OguzmertPosition:
      Associate Professor and Graduate Program Coordinator

      Phone: (470) 578-5083
      Email: moguzmer@kennesaw.edu
      Location: M 162A

      Faculty Web Page
    • Michael Orlandella

      Michael Orlandella Associate Professor Emeritus

      Associate Professor Emeritus

      Phone: (470) 578-5076
      Email: morlande@kennesaw.edu
      Location: L 100

    • Allen Roberts

      Allen Roberts Associate Professor

      Allen RobertsPosition:
      Associate Professor

      Phone: (470) 578-7375
      Email: arobe139@kennesaw.edu
      Location: L 153

      Faculty Web Page
    • Youngguk Seo

      Youngguk Seo Assistant Professor

      Youngguk SeoPosition:
      Assistant Professor

      Phone: (470) 578-5496
      Email: yseo2@kennesaw.edu
      Location: L 111

      Faculty Web Page
    • Nancy Turner

      Nancy Turner Senior Lecturer

      Nancy TurnerPosition:
      Senior Lecturer

      Phone: (470) 578-5497
      Email: nturne22@kennesaw.edu
      Location: L 151

      Faculty Web Page
    • Matthew Wilson

      Matthew Wilson Professor

      Matt WilsonPosition:

      Phone: (470) 578-5502
      Email: mwils176@kennesaw.edu
      Location: L 155

      Faculty Web Page
    • Roneisha Worthy

      Roneisha Worthy Assistant Professor

      Roneisha WorthyPosition:
      Assistant Professor

      Phone: (470) 578-5089
      Email: rworthy@kennesaw.edu
      Location: L 159

      Faculty Web Page
    • Tien Yee

      Tien Yee Assistant Professor

      Tien YeePosition:
      Assistant Professor

      Phone: (470) 578-5091
      Email: tyee@kennesaw.edu
      Location: M 162B

      Faculty Web Page