Six Sigma Certificate - Black Belt

The Master of Science in Quality Assurance (MSQA) program provides students a path to earn a Six Sigma Black Belt. Although there is no national certification body for a Six Sigma Black Belt, the American Society for Quality’s Black Belt Body of Knowledge was used for comparative purposes with the MSQA curriculum.

Program Requirements

  1. Successfully complete the required courses for the MSQA degree with respect to the catalog you are under:
    • 2010 - 2011 and earlier requires six courses
    • 2011 - 2012 requires seven courses
  2. Successfully complete three electives:
    • QA 6660 - Six Sigma Concepts
    • QA 6612 - Design of Experiments
    • QA 6600 - Methods of Analysis
  3. Complete an industry-focused project under the supervision of an industry official and MSQA faculty.

The project will begin in QA 6660 - Six Sigma Concepts as part of the course and conclude under the supervision of the industry official and a MSQA faculty member. We strongly encourage students to complete the project before graduation but we will entertain extensions not to exceed one year. Upon completion and approval of the project, students will receive a Black Belt certification issued by the IET department.

Students who complete the curriculum requirement based on their catalog and all of the courses required in the Black Belt sequence, but do not complete an approved project may receive, upon request, a department certification indicating that the Six Sigma Body of Knowledge was completed.