Faculty and Staff

  • Lance Crimm

    Lance Crimm

    Chair of the Department of Electrical Engineering and Professor of Electrical Engineering

    Phone: (470) 578-7249
    Email: lcrimm@kennesaw.edu
    Location: Q 342

  • Sumit Chakravarty

    Sumit Chakravarty Assistant Professor

    Assistant Professor

    Phone: (470) 578-5141
    Email: schakra2@kennesaw.edu
    Location: Q 346

    Faculty Web Page
  • Yusun Chang

    Yusun Chang Associate Professor

    Associate Professor

    Phone: (470) 578-5130
    Email: ychang7@kennesaw.edu
    Location: Q 349

    Faculty Web Page
  • Craig Chin

    Craig Chin Associate Professor

    Craig ChinPosition:
    Associate Professor

    Phone: (470) 578-7272
    Email: cchin2@kennesaw.edu
    Location: Q 344

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  • Sandip Das

    Sandip Das Assistant Professor

    Assistant Professor

    Phone: (470) 578-5140
    Email: sdas2@kennesaw.edu
    Location: Q 345

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  • Bill Diong

    Bill Diong Professor and Graduate Program Coordinator

    Bill DiongPosition:
    Professor and Graduate Program Coordinator

    Phone: (470) 578-5574
    Email: bdiong@kennesaw.edu
    Location: Q 351

    Faculty Web Page
  • Charles Duvall

    Charles Duvall Lecturer

    Charles DuvallPosition:

    Phone: (470) 578-6806
    Email: cduvall4@kennesaw.edu
    Location: Q 337B

  • Sheila Hill

    Sheila Hill Lecturer

    Sheila HillPosition:

    Phone: (470) 578-2408
    Email: sdoneho1@kennesaw.edu
    Location: Q 337C

  • Tequila Jackson

    Tequila Jackson Administrative Associate

    Administrative Associate

    Phone: (470) 578-7381
    Email: tjack135@kennesaw.edu
    Location: Q 340

  • Brent Jenkins

    Brent Jenkins Associate Professor

    Brent JenkinsPosition:
    Associate Professor

    Phone: (470) 578-7433
    Email: bjenki42@kennesaw.edu
    Location: Q 337A

    Faculty Web Page
  • Hoseon Lee

    Hoseon Lee Assistant Professor

    Hoseon LeePosition:
    Assistant Professor

    Phone: (470) 578-5133
    Email: hlee69@kennesaw.edu
    Location: Q 343

    Faculty Web Page
  • Cyril Okhio

    Cyril Okhio Assistant Professor

    Cyril OkhioPosition:
    Assistant Professor

    Phone: (470) 578-7249
    Email: cokhio@kennesaw.edu
    Location: G 161

  • Walter Thain

    Walter Thain Associate Professor

    Walt ThainPosition:
    Associate Professor

    Phone: (470) 578-7436
    Email: wthain@kennesaw.edu
    Location: Q 347

    Faculty Web Page