Land Surveying Certificate

The Land Surveying Certificate program is designed to prepare surveyors with the basic education necessary to take the Fundamentals of Land Surveying exam. The certificate exceeds the State of Georgia academic education requirements to become a Registered Land Surveyor. There are seven courses required in the certificate program.



  • SURV 2221 - Surveying I
  • SURV 2221L - Surveying I Lab
  • SURV 3222 - Surveying II

  • SURV 3500 - Applied Hydrology and Hydraulics
  • CE 4703 - Engineering Hydrology

  • SURV 4465 - Legal Aspects of Land Surveying
  • SURV 4470 - Land Development Design
  • SURV 4475 - Land Surveying Practice

Program Total (20 or 21 Credit Hours)

Please note that some courses have one or more prerequisite courses which are not part of the certificate program. If you have the required subject knowledge you can request a prerequisite waiver from the Department Chair. Please note that the HOPE Grant may only cover tuition for exactly the six required courses listed above. Tuition in other courses may not be covered by the HOPE Grant. Please check with KSU Financial Aid Office.