Undergraduate Advising

The program consists of professional academic advising in conjunction with faculty advising. They can provide guidance on overall academic requirements, program and university policies and procedures for undergraduate students.  

  • Faculty Advisors primarily advise juniors and seniors. The faculty advisor is available for career mentoring, help choosing technical electives, and advice on internships and co-ops. Faculty advisors are the primary contact for questions about upper division course substitutions and to evaluate transfer credit for major courses. Students must contact their faculty advisor to obtain engineering standing. The advisor can also help students build a course schedule and/or prepare their two-year plan of study. Faculty advisors are a good reference for university resources available to students. You can find your faculty advisor in DegreeWorks in OwlExpress. If you do not see a Faculty Advisor listed in DegreeWorks, contact the Department Chair of your major. Contact your faculty advisor by email to schedule an appointment.

  • Professional Academic Advisors primarily advise freshman, sophomores and first-term transfer students. They are experts on Core curriculum and can review the accuracy of general education transfer credit. Academic advisors are often the first contact for students struggling with time management or academic performance and can refer students to university resources. Professional advisors can help students build a course schedule and/or prepare their two-year plan of study. 

Use the link below to schedule an appointment with your professional academic advisor.

Request an Academic Advising Appointment

Professional Advisors

Office Hours: 8:00 am - 6:00 pm (M - Th)
                        8:00 am - 5:00 pm (F)
Walk-in Wednesdays: 10:00 am - 12:00 pm and 2:00 pm - 4:00 pm

  • Phone: (470) 578-5108
    Email: danglin2@kennesaw.edu
    Location: Engineering Technology Center Q-139

    • Mechanical Engineering
      (Student's with last names C - S)
  • Phone: (470) 578-5106
    Email: vbard@kennesaw.edu
    Location: Engineering Technology Center Q-138

    • BAS in Manufacturing
    • BAS in Supply Chain Logistics
    • Electrical Engineering Technology
    • Industrial Engineering Technology
    • Industrial and Systems Engineering
    • Mechanical Engineering Technology
  • Phone: (470) 578-6816
    Email: lgoodnow@kennesaw.edu
    Location: Engineering Technology Center Q-142

    • Electrical Engineering
    • Mechanical Engineering
      (Student's with last names A - B)
  • Phone: (470) 578-2339
    Email: cmcalli3@kennesaw.edu
    Location: Engineering Technology Center Q-144

    • Mechanical Engineering
  • Phone: (470) 578-5107
    Email: lmurra25@kennesaw.edu
    Location: Engineering Technology Center Q-145

    • Computer Engineering
    • Mechatronics Engineering
  • Phone: (470) 578-5187
    Email: jwill632@kennesaw.edu
    Location: Engineering Technology Center Q-141

    • Civil Engineering
    • Construction Engineering
    • Environmental Engineering
    • Mechanical Engineering
      (Student's with last names T - Z)
    • Surveying and Mapping