Research and Development

Earthquakes and other natural disasters create immediate need for building replacement structures to the displaced. In developing or underdeveloped countries, these structures will be permanent and easy to build without skilled labor from readily available materials. In that context, rubble houses which are made with steel wire baskets filled with loose rubble stand as a safe and sustainable alternative. 

Our research team has identified the following project phases and goals:

Phase 1:

  • Evaluate current construction techniques and propose cost-effective improvements.
  • Perform static load testing on a full-scale rubble-house.

Phase 2:

  • Create computer models for static and dynamic analysis.
  • Make recommendations for future seismic shake table experiments.
  • Draft construction and design guidelines based on experimental and numerical findings.

Phase 3:

  • Perform shake table tests on full-scale models.
  • Finalize design and construction guidelines.

We have received strong faculty and student participation during Phase 1 of the project. Currently, Phase 2 is in progress and we are continuously looking for external funding for Phase 3. If you have any ideas, questions/concerns, or want to volunteer, please contact us!

Dr. Fatih Oncul

Dr. Wasim Barham

Dr. Metin Oguzmert