Mechatronics Research and Education Center

Mission Statement

The mission of the Mechatronics Research & Education Center (MeREC) is evolve standards in mechatronics education, develop and deliver mechatronics course work for processionals, conduct mechatronics research, and expand the public awareness of mechatronics engineering.

To meet this mission, the following will be achieved:

  • Establish mutually beneficial partnerships with Kennesaw State University, other educational establishments, and industries involved in mechatronics to provide high quality research of mechatronics systems and processes.

  • Work with professional societies and member companies to create education and certification standards in mechatronics.

  • Work with other universities, research agencies, local authorities, industries, or individuals to clearly identify the need for mechatronics engineering.

  • Deliver technology transfer through education and training courses.

Center Goals and Objectives

Establish a nationally recognized mechatronics research program

MeREC will conduct a coordinated and extensive program of research to design, develop, model, and evaluate new mechatronics systems, techniques, and test procedures. Research will focus on improving manufacturing automation systems, health monitoring of systems and processes, communication and networking between and within mechatronics systems, and robotic techniques and applications. The research center will effectively seek research funding and sponsors.

Coordinate mechatronics standards for education and industry

MeREC will serve as a nucleus to drive mechatronics education standards through coordination with academia and industry. Due to the interdisciplinary nature of mechatronics, accrediting agencies and certificating organizations receive disparate guidance from many sources. Being a relatively new field of education and practice in the United States, many institutions and businesses are developing educational and training programs. MeREC will seek to clarify the definitions and boundaries of mechatronics education and create awareness for mechatronics educational opportunities. 

Provide educational and training courses to lab technicians/engineers

MeREC will become a center for mechatronics related technology transfer and will play a key role in expanding certification and training for students, technicians, and engineers involved in mechatronics. Supplementing classroom learning and laboratory testing will prepare the current/future workforce for the technical challenges in mechatronics design, implementation, and maintenance.

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