Faculty and Staff

  • Mahesh Gupta, Ph.D.

    Chair of the Department of Mechanical Engineering and Professor of Mechanical Engineering

    Phone: (470) 578-4467
    Email: mgupta4@kennesaw.edu
    Location: Q 129

    • Daffany Anglin

      Daffany Anglin Academic Advisor

      Academic Advisor

      Phone: (470) 578-5108
      Email: danglin2@kennesaw.edu
      Location: Q 139

    • Mir Atiqullah

      Mir Atiqullah Professor

      Mir AtiqullahPosition:

      Phone: (470) 578-2750
      Email: matiqull@kennesaw.edu
      Location: Q 131

      Faculty Web Page
    • Eduardo Farfan

      Eduardo Farfan Professor of Nuclear Engineering

      Eduardo FarfanPosition:
      Professor of Nuclear Engineering

      Phone: (470) 578-5155
      Email: efarfan1@kennesaw.edu
      Location: Q 146

      Faculty Web Page 
    • Laura Garnett

      Laura Garnett Academic Advisor

      Academic Advisor

      Phone: (470) 578-6816
      Email: lgoodnow@kennesaw.edu
      Location: Q 142

    • Mahmoud Ghavi

      Mahmoud Ghavi Research Professor of Nuclear Engineering

      Mahmoud GhaviPosition:
      Research Professor of Nuclear Engineering

      Phone: (470) 578-5536
      Email: mghavi@kennesaw.edu
      Location: Q 325

    • Sathish Kumar Gurupatham

      Sathish Kumar Gurupatham Assistant Professor

      Sathish GurupathamPosition:
      Assistant Professor

      Phone: (470) 578-3074
      Email: sgurupat@kennesaw.edu
      Location: G 162

    • Erhan Ilksoy

      Erhan Ilksoy Senior Lecturer

      Erhan IlksoyPosition:
      Senior Lecturer

      Phone: (470) 578-3158
      Email: eilksoy@kennesaw.edu
      Location: G 165

      Faculty Web Page
    • Ali Khazaei

      Ali Khazaei Associate Professor

      Ali KhazaelPosition:
      Associate Professor

      Phone: (470) 578-5154
      Email: akhazaei@kennesaw.edu
      Location: Q 148

      Faculty Web Page
    • Cynthia Knight

      Cynthia Knight Administrative Associate

      Administrative Associate

      Phone: (470) 578-2737
      Email: cknigh31@kennesaw.edu
      Location: Q 128

    • Margaret Lowder

      Margaret Lowder Associate Professor

      Loraine LowderPosition:
      Associate Professor

      Phone: (470) 578-2744
      Email: mlowder2@kennesaw.edu
      Location: Q 333b

      Faculty Web Page
    • Mohammed Mayeed

      Mohammed Mayeed Associate Professor

      Mohammed MayeedPosition:
      Associate Professor

      Phone: (470) 578-7835
      Email: mmayeed@kennesaw.edu
      Location: G 170

      Faculty Web Page
    • Simin Nasseri

      Simin Nasseri Associate Professor

      Simin NasseriPosition:
      Associate Professor

      Phone: (470) 578-7420
      Email: snasser1@kennesaw.edu
      Location: Q 143

      Faculty Web Page
    • Sridhar Palle

      Sridhar Palle Limited Term Assistant Professor

      Sirdhar PallePosition:
      Limited Term Assistant Professor

      Phone: (470) 578-4521
      Email: spalle@kennesaw.edu
      Location: G 242

    • Jungkyu Park

      Jungkyu Park Assistant Professor

      Jungkyu ParkPosition:
      Assistant Professor

      Phone: (470) 578-6809
      Email: jpark186@kennesaw.edu
      Location: G 172

    • Richard Ruhala

      Richard Ruhala Associate Professor

      Richard RuhalaPosition:
      Associate Professor

      Phone: (470) 578-2748
      Email: rruhala@kennesaw.edu
      Location: Q 127

      Faculty Web Page
    • Laura Ruhala

      Laura Ruhala Associate Professor

      Laura RuhalaPosition:
      Associate Professor

      Phone: (470) 578-7315
      Email: lruhala@kennesaw.edu
      Location: G 163

    • Muhammad Salman

      Muhammad Salman Assistant Professor

      Muhammad SalmanPosition:
      Assistant Professor

      Phone: (470) 578-2438
      Email: msalman1@kennesaw.edu
      Location: G 122

    • Valmiki Sooklal

      Valmiki Sooklal Assistant Professor

      Valmiki SooklalPosition:
      Assistant Professor

      Phone: (470) 578-3864
      Email: vsooklal@kennesaw.edu
      Location: G 173

      Faculty Web Page
    • Ayse Tekes

      Ayse Tekes Assistant Professor

      Ayse TekesPosition:
      Assistant Professor

      Phone: (470) 578-7518
      Email: atekes@kennesaw.edu
      Location: G 171

    • Tristan Utschig

      Tristan Utschig Associate Professor of Nuclear Engineering

      Tristan UtschigPosition:
      Associate Professor of Nuclear Engineering

      Phone: (470) 578-2717
      Email: tutschig@kennesaw.edu
      Location: C 134C

    • David Veazie

      David Veazie Professor

      David VeaziePosition:

      Phone: (470) 578-2749
      Email: dveazie@kennesaw.edu
      Location: Q 130

      Faculty Web Page
    • Jessica Williamson

      Jessica Williamson Academic Advisor

      Academic Advisor

      Phone: (470) 578-5187
      Email: jwill632@kennesaw.edu
      Location: Q 141