Minor in Renewable Energy Engineering Technology

Students in who have a specific interest in the Renewable Energy Industry may obtain a minor in Renewable Energy Engineering Technology (REET) which is offered through the ECET department.  Any number of other majors may complete this minor to add value to their education, and to obtain the necessary skills and techniques that are directly and immediately relevant to employers in the Renewable Energy Industry.

Faculty expertise is currently in place to teach courses in Renewable Energy Engineering Technology.  The minor takes advantage of the excellent classroom and laboratory facilities available in the Engineering Technology Center (ETC) on the Marietta campus. 

A total of 16 - 17 credits are required for the REET minor.



  • REET 3550 - Introduction to Alternate Energy

Choose four courses from the following:

  • REET 2020 - Energy Conversion
  • REET 3030 - Energy Storage Systems
  • REET 4100 - Solar Photovoltaics
  • REET 4110 - Solar Thermal Systems
  • REET 4200 - Wind Power Generation
  • REET 4210 - Oceanic and Hydropower Generation
  • REET 4500 - Environmental Aspects of Power Generation
  • REET 4510 - Sustainable Transportation Systems

Program Total (16-17 Credit Hours)