The Southern Polytechnic College of Engineering and Engineering Technology is comprised of the following eight academic departments:

    • BS in Civil Engineering
    • BS in Construction Engineering
    • BS in Environmental Engineering
    • BS in Surveying and Mapping
    • MS in Civil Engineering
    • Minor in Environmental Engineering
    • Certificate in Land Surveying

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    • BS in Computer Engineering 

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    • BS in Electrical Engineering
    • MS in Applied Engineering – Electrical

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    • BS in Electrical Engineering Technology
    • BS in Mechanical Engineering Technology
    • Minor in Engineering Design Graphics
    • Minor in Manufacturing Engineering Technology
    • Minor in Renewable Energy Engineering Technology

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    • BS in Mechanical Engineering
    • MS in Mechanical Engineering 
    • Minor in Nuclear Engineering

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    • BS in Mechatronics Engineering
    • Minor in Mechatronics Engineering

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    • BAS in Manufacturing Operations
    • BAS in Supply Chain Logistics
    • BS in Industrial and Systems Engineering
    • BS in Industrial Engineering Technology
    • MS in Engineering Management
    • MS in Quality Assurance
    • MS in Systems Engineering
    • Minor in Aerospace Engineering
    • Minor in Industrial Engineering Technology
    • Minor in Logistics
    • Minor in Quality Principles
    • Certificate in Logistics
    • Certificate in Production Design
    • Certificate in Quality Principles
    • Graduate Certificate in Leadership and Ethics
    • Graduate Certificate in Systems Engineering
    • Graduate Green Belt Certificate in Quality Assurance
    • Six Sigma Black Belt

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