Department Announcements

Fall 2018

October 8, 2018

We are excited to announce two professional development events that are fun and beneficial for you! See below to register while seats area available. Thanks to our industry advisory board (IAB) for organizing these events.

July 25, 2018

CpE students, welcome back for fall 2018! Below are updates for the Department of Computer Engineering.

  • Seniors who plan to graduate in spring 2019 MUST take CpE 4800 - Senior Project Proposal, this fall 2018. This is because CpE capstone is a two-semester course, where CPE 4850 – Senior Design Project follows after CPE 4800.
  • The latest CpE curriculum flow chart is posted on the website, along with the 2-year course schedule. Please use these to plan your courses.
  • Juniors and seniors looking to take technical electives are recommended to consider the following courses. (See your faculty advisor or department chair if you need to discuss course strategy.)
    • MTRE 4490/ CPE 4903 - Neural Networks and Machine Learning (prerequisite Engineering Standing)
    • SWE 3613 - Introduction to Software Engineering (prerequisite CpE 3000)
    • SWE 3623 - Software Systems Requirements (prerequisite CpE 3000)
    • CS 3304 - Data Structures (prerequisite CpE 3000)
    • EE 3701 - Signals and Systems
  • Dr. Ted Grosch has left KSU to return to industry. For those that had Dr. Grosch for faculty advisor, please see Dr. Ho until a new advisor is assigned.
  • The department has hired a limited-term faculty, Dr. Coskun Tekes. He will reside in Dr. Grosch’s former office, Q-250. Please stop by and say hi to our new faculty.
  • The application for the 2018 Georgia Engineering Foundation scholarship is now open. Apply for a chance to be awarded a $1000 to $5000 scholarship. Deadline to submit application is August 31, 2018.
  • Students planning to enroll in any 3000/4000 level engineering courses for the first time will require to have Engineering Standing, preferable a semester before so that they can register on time. Be advised that a student need not to wait until ALL courses (on list) are completed to fill out form. You can have a few courses left when apply for ES, as this will give you a head start.